A Glance of 2019

2019 GASE Summer Program: Quantum Technology x Artificial Intelligence:

Student Feedbacks

David Rodriguez Pereira


All in all, I found a perfect balance between lab life and cultural activities during these weeks. People in Taiwan as well as my colleagues I met have been very welcoming to me, and this made me feeling like being at home.

Laima Busaite


I liked the meeting with professor and the students. We always solved all the problems, and I felt that I could ask anything and get an answer. The cultural events and trips were really fruitful. The guidance of the counsellors was really outstanding and the schedule was well-organized.

Jia-Yen Lee


This program is well-organized, in the sense that participants not only have the chance to learn AI and quantum technology. Meanwhile, we got unforgettable cultural exposures. I gained valuable knowledge and experience that can not be obtained from textbooks.

Shanmuga Srinivas Puthalapattu


My experience of this summer program is that the cultural trips in Taiwan which were very exciting, fun and at the same time my research time at NCHU gave me an unique exposure to new areas of Physics.