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National Chengchi University
國立政治大學 NCCU the Choice


National Chengchi University (NCCU) was established in Nanjing in 1927, and relocated to Taipei in 1954.  As a member of Taiwan Top University Strategic Alliance (TUSA) supported by the Ministry of Education, NCCU is considered to be one of the most prestigious and important universities in Taiwan.  NCCU has 9 colleges excelling in the liberal arts, law, commerce, science, foreign languages, social sciences, communication, international affairs, and education, and offers international English programs in diverse fields as well. In addition to its own resources, NCCU also has an extensive network of global partners, with more than 700 universities and colleges on five continents.

Priority Areas

  • IMBA (International MBA)
  • IMICS (International Communication Studies)
  • IMPIS (International Studies)
  • IMAS & IDAS (Asia-Pacific Studies)
  • IMES (Applied Economics & Social Development)

Year Established

NO.64,Sec.2,ZhiNan Rd.,Wenshan District,Taipei City 11605,Taiwan (R.O.C)


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